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Even surrounded with people, i am alone. with my family, i am alone, with a boyfriend, i am still alone. Burning bridges left and right, hurting the ones you love is never going to fare well. I’ve trained myself to be alone, to live alone, and to make decisions on my own. Therefore I have ruined these relationships on my own. Not to get too into it, but ive fucked over almost everyone who’s ever cared for me. On my own. Alone. But i cant say i feel much remorse for my actions. A couple of things I truly do regret. Please, just love me like you used to. Hug me like you used to. Even if you dont really mean it, please tell me you still love me. I miss the comfort of my family. I miss being trustworthy. I miss myself. I hate being alone with this person who i don’t know. This is not me anymore. And there’s nothing left, nothing left to say. Its all been said before. Im sorry, youre sorry, yeah, we’re all sorry. I’m a peice of shit. So are you. We all are. I’m tired of talking and I’ve become sick from listening to you.